Opening of the New Office

New Rotary Presence in Estoi 

On Saturday morning, 18th May, members and friends of Rotary Club Estoi Palace International met to officially open their new ‘Office’ in the heart of the town of Estoi.  Located on the street directly behind the church, the new facility is owned by the parish and was renovated specifically for this project.  On the ground floor is a charity book shop run by Dirk Bleicken, the proceeds from which are donated to the Estoi Casa do Povo.  In order to provide a rent free space for the book shop, the building needed to be officially leased to a registered charitable association.  That’s where Rotary came into the picture.  The Club agreed to be the official tenant in the historical building, using the first floor space for committee meetings and the like.  The bookshop operates on the ground floor with additional storage on the second floor.


The inauguration was a festive occasion with dignitaries from the Faro Câmara and Estoi Freguesia, together with Rotarians from several local clubs and representatives from several of the groups that have received support from Estoi Rotary.  ‘We are very pleased to have a physical presence in the Estoi community,’ says Estoi Rotary President Claire Larson.  ‘I think it’s important that the local citizens get to know us and see us as a part of the community.  The club has been active with several projects with the Food Bank, Casa do Povo and public schools and now we are physically present in the community as well.’